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Novena in Honor of Hie Most 
Miraculous Child of Atocha 
Sanlo Nino de Alocha 

Holy Child of Atocha, Jesus 
Venerated in the Sanctuary of Plateros, Fresnillo, 
Zacatecas, Mexico 

Portrayed like a small Spanish pilgrim, the image of the babyjesus, 
known as the Santo Nino de Atocha, wears a long dress with a 
lace that has a wide lace collar and cuffs with flops. In his cloak 
is the traditional image of a pilgrim, a cockle shell, and he holds a 
small basket with his left hand, and a vessel of water is held by a 
cane in his right hand. The little holy boy wears sandals buckled 
with silver buckles, and a large, flexible hat with a feather. 
Although he is known as a pilgrim, he is usually shown sitting in 
a small chair. 

Incomparable are the blessings that the Holy Child of Atocha 
daily bestows, and we ought to rely on him with faith and trust 
from the heart so that he will kindly hear our request in an instant, 
the day and hour in which we invoke him. Therefore it will be 
very profitable that on the first and last days of this prayer, we are 
in the necessary disposition to attain what we request, and the rest 
of the days we should perform some works of charity, primarily 
on behalf of poor children who lack anything to live on due to 
their parents’ poverty. We should also pray and sacrifice for the 
poor souls in Purgatory, or visit the sick, so that in this manner we 
might quickly receive our share from the Holy Child. 

This novena can be prayed at any time, for we ought always turn 
to the sacred Child when we find ourselves surrounded by 
difficulties or afflictions. With him on our side we lack nothing, 
and so we will obtain whatever we wish from our heart. 


Acl of Contrition 

0 most handsome Child of Atocha! The greatest simplicity of infinite love, 
adored Child of my heart, constant fountain of miracles, abundance of 
prodigies, wellspring of enlightenment, and Father of all pity and mercy! O 
most precious Child of Atocha, at your feet, my Lord, this thankless and vile 
sinner humbly kneels, who desires at the cost of his tears to apologize to you, 
beseeching pardon for his sins, with your most holy Mother interceding as 
an advocate. With such certainty he comes with confidence, for you are 
the fathomless ocean of goodness; to you, my Beloved, to you 1 sigh, 
unfortunate, poor, and shame-stricken soul, I come before your divine 
Presence. I speak to you from the core of my soul that I regret having 
offended you. O adorable Child of Atocha, being who you are, I ask you 
to grant me the contrition you gave Dismas ', the tears of Simon Peter 2 , the 
sweet utterances of Augustine 3 , for so to apologize to you is my heart’s 
desire. No, little Child, do not cut the thread of my unfortunate life; grant 
me time to do penance and to weep over my faults, as you granted to Saint 
Mary Magdalen 4 , and similarly 1 beg you the endurance of Saint Peter of 
Alcantara 5 , to be as pleasing to your divine eyes, and power to do penance. 
Remove the shackles that hold me bound, which can be released by the 
hands of your most Holy Mother. O most merciful Child, pardon me for 
having offended you, and 1 commit myself not to offend you anymore, for 

1 ask you by your most holy Mother, Saint Mary of Atocha, by her intact 
purity, for the sorrow that she had you circumcised, and for that virginal 
milk with which you suckled from her most pure breasts. Most loving Child 
of Atocha, 1 hope in you, I rely on you, and in you 1 believe I will achieve 
my salvation, and by means of this novena I humbly ask you and truly 
believe that I will never go forth dejected without that which you know I 
need. I hope that all my afflictions, my labors, my needs, my sufferings, my 
depressions, you will turn into delights, giving for my tribulations, joys, for 
my incarcerations, freedom, since you are my Father and all of my God. 
Help me, strengthen me, aid me, defend me, favor me in the hour of my 
death, appear to me with the bright squadron of angels, receiving my soul 
in your arms so as to be at rest in you and rejoice in the heavenly enjoyments 
in your delightful company unto life everlasting. Amen. 

Prayer to Holy Mother Mary of Atocha 

Immaculate Mother of God Most Holy, Mother of Atocha, worthy 
Tabernacle of the Holy Spirit, Gateway to the Kingdom of Heaven, Divine 
Dawn, for whom after God every rational being on earth lives, turn toward 
me your most beautiful eyes, enlighten this darkened and wretched soul. 
Look on it. Mother of Mercy, so worn and moth-eaten with the desires of 
my passions; take pity. Lady, on the soul’s ruin. Obtain from your most holy 
Son to renew it, cleanse it, and restore it to its original grace. Grant me what 
1 ask on this day, and request it for me. Illumine my soul so that 1 myself might 
know and see the errors into which 1 have fallen while wandering from the 
sheepfold and the flock of your divine grace, and let me not return to 
stumble into the deceits and delights of the world. Give me power not to fall 
once again in the net of the devil, let me not fail to see through the failures 
of the flesh. If, most loving Mother, I am certain that up to now no one has 
implored your protection and has been left forsaken, with equal certitude I 
humble myself to implore your divine help, and hope that you will be my 
intercessor, together with all those joined and gathered who continue to 
implore from your divine Child his help in difficulties, that your most holy 
Son might grant mercy and grace, kind Lady, acceding to our requests for 
success in our needs both spiritual and temporal. So we trust from the Holy 
Child of Atocha, your beloved Son, that if this favor we implore is good for 
us and is within his pleasure, he will grant it to us for his honor and glory, 
and if it is not what his most holy will might allow, grant us a perfect 
resignation in this life so that, by serving and bearing with patience our trials 
and afflictions, we may obtain a happy death. Amen. 

Three Our Fathers and three Hail Marys with a Glory Be. 

Go to the appropriate day, FIRST DAY, SECOND DAY, etc. 


rirsl Appeal 

Little Child of Atocha, 
prodigious little Child, 
divine little Child, 
loving little Child, 
kneeling we ask from you 

all-powerful One: 
that my afflictions 
return to me as joy 
for you are my Father, 
my delight and my tranquility. 

rtrst Miracle 

In the month of February of the year 1829 Maxima Esparza was put in jail 
in the village of Encarnacion, in the days when a celebration is held in 
honor of saint Mary of the Candlemas 6 , and she not having someone who 
spoke on her behalf, stayed until August of the same year in jail; and later 
having been exiled as a sanction, she walked towards the Real of Catorce, 
where she was again put through the same predicament, when she stayed 
in jail for three months, and she was sanctioned in the same manner as 
before. So she started on her way to Saltillo 7 , where, because of her bad 
manners, she again fell for the third time, and so was imprisoned from April 
until September. From there she was released, under the same sanction, and 
at this point she decided to head towards Durango, where she was put again 
in jail, where she stayed for one year. 

After looking and not finding anybody that would help her and not finding 
any way out, she prayed with faith in her heart to the sacred Child of 
Atocha, who kindly listened to her and took her out of that captivity. In all 
the time that she had lived there, there was nobody that would defend her 
until the Holy Child of Atocha, dressed as a young prince, visited her in that 
prison, and gave her some bread in the name of his mother, saying to her 
that same afternoon she would be taken in front of the judge who would 
release her from custody, and this was very surprising to her and to the other 
many inmates as well as the staff. When the time arrived that the Child 
had told her she would be freed, she was released under the condition of 
leaving on her honor. The Child directed her to follow him without losing 
sight of him, and he took a straight route towards Fresnillo 8 . When she was 
close to a lagoon, night came upon her and she lost her spiritual guide who 
was taking her home, but since he had told her that his mother was Saint 

Mary of Atocha, and his name was Manuel de Atocha 9 , she kept on 
walking all night, and when the sun rose she saw herself reaching Fresnillo. 

Since everyone there knew about the miracles the Child had already 
performed for other persons, they took her to the priest’s house, and she told 
the priest what had happened since her last time in prison, and the priest 
after having made sure of her story, took her directly to the sanctuary. 
When the woman. Maxima, saw the beautiful shrine, she knelt and cried 
to thank him for this prodigy and to express her utter faith for the miracle 
she had experienced, and she told all the faithful there in the Plateros 
Sanctuary the wonders the sacred Child had done for her. She displayed 
her ex'voto 10 painting in the Sactuary of Plateros, and in that way all persons 
could benefit from this grace just by praying to the Holy Child of Atocha n . 

first Prayer 

Most gracious Child of Atocha, Sovereign Ark of the Supreme Sanctuary 12 , 
1 both salute and praise you on this first day, and I offer you these three Our 
Fathers and three Hail Marys and a Glory Be, adorned with the first 
spontaneous utterance, remembering the first moment when Most Holy 
Mary, your beloved Mother, received the news from Archangel Saint 
Gabriel, and for the joy that she received when he said to her, “May God 
save you, Mary; you are filled with grace; the Lord is with you.” From that 
bridal chamber you went out to be the help of troubled persons, consolation 
when visiting the imprisoned, and the sole remedy of the dispossessed. And 
for that first journey when you hid in the abovemnentioned chamber from 
Nazareth to Mount Tabor 13 , where after mature age you worked the 
miracle of your T ransfiguration and revealed to your disciples your glory: I 
beg you, most loving Child of Atocha, grant me what 1 seek in this novena, 
a happy end to my request. I ask through the intercession of the choir of 
holy angels, for to those sovereign spirits you see to it that they might protect 
humans. I hope for your favor so that 1 will not leave with a refusal, but 
instead obtain a perpetual friendship and achieve a happy death, to enjoy 
you among the delights of your glory. 

The petition is requested here. 

Go to Proposal of the Request Prayer at the end of the novena. 


Second Appeal 

Holy Child of Atocha, 
Son of Mary, 
bright Torch, 
our refuge and guide, 
accept my plea 

on this day, 

for you can do everything, 
merciful Majesty, 
Enchantment of the universe. 
Happiness of the world! 

Second Miracle 

In the year 1834, in the month of May, 8th day, it happened to Don Jose 
Maria Delgado, cashier of a store in the city of Fresnillo, that when he was 
attending to the business of the store, at night time and when it was time to 
close the store, some bad men, with weapons, came into the store, 
pretending they were going to buy some drinks, common to that type of 
establishment, and seeing he was alone, and since at the time they were 
drunk, they started to bad mouth him with offensive words. Suddenly one 
of them stabbed him, cutting him from side to side. Since they could not 
perpetrate the robbery, they left the store, leaving said Don Jose Maria 
fainting and close to his death. When he found himself totally wounded 
and close to his death, he prayed with all his heart to the Holy Child of 
Atocha, who indeed heard him. Within forty eight hours this gentleman felt 
the miracle of the wonder of the Holy Child of Atocha as he showed his 
mercy and he was completely healed in a few days. In gratitude for this 
benefit, his thanks are written in the sanctuary, to attest to this miracle, giving 
thanks to the Holy Child and to his Merciful Mother Mary, for the miracle 
they had just given him. 

Second Prayer 

Most handsome Child of Atocha, handsome Rainbow of clemency, 
generous and most pure Child. 1 salute you and praise you on this second 
day and offer these three Our Fathers and three Hail Marys with a Glory 
Be, adorning them with the second spontaneous poem in memory of that 
second journey made in the company of those holy pilgrims, your beloved 
parents, while you lay hidden in that virginal ark, from Mount Tabor to the 

city of Naim 14 . After having suffered and experienced such labors and 
rains from heaven, cold winds, the hardships of travel along those bitter and 
dangerous trails, the barrenness of those fields, fatiguing that just and chaste 
spouse of Mary, he sought shelter in the inns for his beloved spouse and 
they refused him, dismissing him with impudent and painful remarks. With 
sorrow he suffered during that night in a corner of an unsheltered portal by 
himself, weeping for the hardness of those hearts. For those afflictions that 
both spouses suffered, I beg you, little Child of Atocha, that you grant a 
happy outcome and result for my request, through the intercession of the 
choir of the archangels, for those divine spirits have been charged with most 
important tasks for your glory. I hope through the intercession of the 
patriarchs and prophets not to remain ashamed and confounded without 
obtaining the favor that I ask, since we know clearly that whoever trusts in 
you is never forsaken. In that confidence, handsome Child, I believe that 
you will shower your mercies on me and will give me a happy outcome, 
until seeing you in the heavenly city, 1 praise you eternally in heaven. 

The petition is requested here. 

Go to Proposal of the Request Prayer at the end of the novena. 


Third Appeal 

calls upon you for help, 
and you will remove it. 
Full of happiness, 
they give you thanks 
for life everlasting. 

Although you are in chains 
at any given second 
you slip out of them and go 
to work a miracle. 

He who is suffering 

Third Miracle 

In the year 1836, on March 1, it happened that Mariano Garcia was working 
in Barrientos, close to Proano in Fresnillo, and this being the entrance to the 
mine of Barrientos, it just happened that Mariano sustained an accident 
while in the mine, and he prayed with all his heart to the Holy Child of 
Atocha, and he suddenly was able to jump into a cart which was coming 

his way. Thus he saved himself from a certain death, and when his fellow 
workers saw him alive they were very surprised by this miracle that saved 
his life. When he found himself out of all danger, and as a sign of gratitude, 
he visited the shrine of the Holy Child of Atocha to show the prodigy and 
to show all people that they can call on the Holy Child of Atocha in case 
of necessity or danger. 

Third Prayer 

Sweetest Child of Atocha, divine Heaven of highest majesty, I greet and 
praise you on this third day, and I offer you these three Our Fathers and 
three Hail Marys with a Glory Be, accompanied by the third spontaneous 
prayer, in memory of that third journey that you took in the virginal womb 
of the most chaste Mother from the city of Naim to the fields of Samaria 15 . 
After your adult age those ten lepers came to you there and begged you. 
For that journey of pains and afflictions that you suffered in traveling, 
seeing along those roads your beloved parents are rejected by casual 
passersby because of their great poverty, reverently 1 beg you, through the 
intercession of the third choir of angels, that you will compassionately care 
for my request, for the joy your beloved Mother Holy Mary of Atocha 
received when they intoned in the angelic chapel the “Gloria in Excelsis 
Deo,” 16 resounding with sweet harmony in delicate voice, giving thanks to 
you as the desired tender Child so loving to the human race. And for this 
may you grant me the reward of my entreaty because I choose as 
intercessors the choir of Principalities, who ordain the angels and 
archangels in enlightening, instructing, commanding, and caring for the 
health of humans. At the hour of my death may I echo the sweet song 
“Glory to God in the Highest,” so I might go to enjoy you forever. 

The petition is requested here. 

Go to Proposal of the Request Prayer at the end of the novena. 


fourth, Appeal 

A stream of wonders are you, 

beloved Child, 

hear us with benevolence, 

adorable little Child, 

you are the consolation 

of the troubled, 
for whoever invokes you 
is never forsaken; 
you respond immediately 
with love and gladness. 

fourth Miracle 

In the year 1836, on July 27, while Jorge Garcia, a miner who was then in 
the Barriero Mine, signing up for work in the company with a loader, had 
the misfortune to fall down into part of the mine. His head and shoulder hit 
upon a rock, and then he stopped his fall with his left foot. That leg hurt the 
most, and seeing himself in such a predicament, he called out at that very 
moment three times to the Holy Child of Atocha, who favored him with his 
strong power, so that he did not die without the Sacrament of Extreme 
Unction, for as soon as he cried out, the rest of the workers came and pulled 
him out. Jorge Garcia did not receive any other injury except the above- 
mentioned injury to his leg, and the loader who was working with him also 
received an injury with a fractured skull. Because the minor Garcia saw 
such a precious miracle that the Holy Child worked at that moment, he 
dedicated his oil painting to certify that very remarkable miracle, giving 
many unspoken thanks in the fervor of his heart for the rescue the Holy 
Child had performed, miracles so great that it is hard to imagine the 
magnitude of said miracles. 

fourth, Prayer 

Most gracious Child of Atocha, most eminent circle of infinite mercy, I 
greet you and praise you on this fourth day and offer you these three Our 
Fathers and three Hail Marys with a Glory Be. United with this fourth 
appeal, in memory of that fourth journey that you took to the well of 
Sichem 17 in the most precious bed of the most precious bosom and beloved 
womb of our beloved Mother, Holy Mary of Atocha. Like divine Solomon, 
when knowing that she drew close to your fortunate birth, she unfolded the 

little parcel of her trousseau to make her Child’s clothing ready, and 
kneeling down she washed the little garments and diapers ready to wrap 
you like the rich treasure of the heavens. 1 beseech you. Child of Atocha, 
by means of these hardships that 1 recall to you, let me obtain from you what 
I desire. 1 believe I will receive it by the joy of your divine Lady when she 
touched her motherof'pearl lips to your precious cheeks with the most 
tender endearments and loving speeches; she opened her arms to you like 
your most loving Mother and with burning desires in her heart fed your 
sacred humanity with the sweet milk of her breasts. 1 hope from you, divine 
Child, to pursue completely the fortunate outcome I desire. At the end of 
this novena, may I be worthy of your miracles for me, calming my 
difficulties and sorrows, granting me in this life both peace and repose, and 
at the end a happy death so as to go on to praise you forever and ever. 

The petition is requested here. 

Go to Proposal of the Request Prayer at the end of the novena. 


Fifth Appeal 

Relying on you 
with faith and devotion, 
on my knees I pray 
that your protection 
will never fail us. 

By the intercession 
of your beloved Mother 
and on this occasion, 
may I receive what I ask 
in my request. 

Fifth Miracle 

In the year 1837, on November 6, while Maria Eleuteria Garcia was in her 
home, a man came upon her and stabbed her in the face and arms, and 
Maria Catalina Rivera, who was also with her there, in seeing so much 
pain, prayed to the Holy Child of Atocha, who in his all goodness saved her 
life. To demonstrate the singular miracle that the divine Child bestowed 
upon them, to thank and to appreciate this miracle, they went to the holy 

shrine of Atocha to pray in thankfulness for such a miracle, the same one 
that had saved her life. 

After she was feeling in perfect health, she did not for one moment forget 
the miracle which not only saved her life but also permitted her to know 
and love the Holy Child of Atocha and his way to take care of the sick and 
needy at any time when anybody with faith and conviction would call upon 
this magnificent and all good Child, the Holy Child of Atocha. 

Fifth, Day Prayer 

Eternal Child of Atocha, matchless and marvelous Child, 1 greet you and 
praise you on this fifth day, and I offer you these three Our Fathers and 
three Hail Marys with a Glory Be. Enriched with this fifth appeal, in 
memory of that fifth journey that your beloved parents made from the well 
of Sichem as far as that little village called Necmas 18 . There they rested in 
a barely inhabitable sheepfold, though with happy bleatings the mountains 
receive their cheerful company, communicating happiness that they occupy 
them tonight, by that humility with which they retired among the pines in 
that inn of animals. For the everlasting love that you profess for your holy 
Mother, Saint Mary of Atocha, 1 am asking that you grant my petition. As 
you always listen to needy souls, as you have immense power, I pray from 
you the joy of attaining the happy result of my request. And so I introduce 
the merits of this difficult pilgrimage, accompanying them with the 
intercession of the heavenly choir of Virtues, who work endless miracles, 
properties of your supreme power. I trust that through such great 
intercessors you will hear the complaints that 1 utter on this day. And finally 
I believe I will not be sent away sad, for I am hopeful and even confident 
that whoever seeks you, finds, and that whoever calls you, you answer. 
Come, powerful Child, to our aid, come always to our defense, and grant 
us a happy death so as to come in company with the happy Necmas for 
heaven eternal. Amen. 

The petition is requested here. 

Go to Proposal of the Request Prayer at the end of the novena. 


Sixth, Appeal 

Divine physician 
are you by your power; 
with precision 
you relieve his sickness; 

you grant him health 
and he testifies. 

Deal benignly 
with my concerns. 

Sixth Miracle 

In the month of November, 1838, Albino Ibarra was gravely ill, with pains 
in his stomach, and he had been feeling this way for a long time. As he had 
not found any cure for this illness, he decided to call upon the Holy Child 
of Atocha, asking from him, to please heal him, with a lot of faith in his 
heart, to which, the Holy Child, seeing that what he was asking was indeed 
very true, and while the doctors could not find what was exactly wrong 
with him, the Holy Child of Atocha granted his request and healed him 
completely. By this miracle of his Holy Majesty, he was forever grateful 
and visited the shrine of the Holy Child of Atocha, where his story is told, 
and this shrine and this miracle has been seen and heard by a large group 
of faithful persons. 

Sixth Day Prayer 

Gracious Child of Atocha, you are smiling, enjoying yourself with your 
beloved Mother. I greet and praise you on this sixth day. I offer you these 
three Our Fathers and three Hail Marys with a Glory Be, and I join them 
with this sixth appeal in memory of that sixth journey you made, residing in 
the most divine womb of your most holy Mother, Holy Mary of Atocha, 
even in some uninhabited spot. O Holy Mother, when he was twelve years 
of age you lost sight of your Son l9 , and you felt such sorrow in your heart 
after having suffered with such modest humility, such travails, climbing the 
mountains, walking on the deep drifts of snow with your most delicate feet, 
pushing through the heights, and suffering the cold winds, the rainy sky, and 
the ingratitude and bitterness of the season. I ask for everything that 1 remind 
you of, may your Son grant me the favor that I ask from you in this hour. 
Most Holy little Child, I add the intercession of all the Dominations who 

precede all the inferior spirits and ministers of your divine providence and 
subject themselves to your will forever. I remind you daily in this novena as 
1 present my request, that 1 hope not to depart without gaining whatever 1 
ask, and after the end of my life I hope to gain your grace so as to enjoy the 
heavenly paradise of your everlasting dwelling-place. Amen. 

The petition is requested here. 

Go to Proposal of the Request Prayer at the end of the novena. 


Seventh, Appeal 

The sick and imprisoned. 

Little Child, 
you protect and assist, 
with your great power. 

And you do not abandon 

Seventh, Miracle 

In the month of May, 1839, it happened that Jose Maria Diaz killed another 
man by stabbing him, and he was arrested by the authorities in Fresnillo, 
who, after investigating this incident, found probable cause for charging 
Diaz with murder, and without any appeal, the court sentenced him to 
twelve years in prison. When they informed Diaz of his sentence, in his 
heart he prayed to the Holy Child of Atocha, with a lot of faith in that he 
knew that the Holy Child of Atocha would listen to his prayers, and that 
through him he would obtain his liberty, and that he would be his lawyer, 
his prosecutor, and his judge, and that the he would release him from prison. 
This indeed occurred as he spent but one year and three months in prison, 
and he was freed by the authorities. He then visited the Holy Shrine of 
Atocha to thank personally the Child for what he had done for him, as the 
Holy Child never abandons us, in our works, or in prison. 

anyone in pain. 

You give the imprisoned, 
liberty and return, 
and also to the sick. 

Who, if not you, could do this? 

Seventh, Day Prayer 

Admirable Child of Atocha, incomparable are your wonders, guileless 
Child: I hail you and adore you. I praise you and offer these three Our 
Fathers and three Hail Marys with a Glory Be, all of them joined to this 
seventh appeal in memory of that seventh journey that you made to the holy 
city of Jerusalem in the most pure womb of your beloved Mother as your 
palace and dwelling-place. In the holy city, after your maturity, you worked 
the Mystery of the Redemption. You walked along those streets you had to 
trod from one tribunal to another, journeys so wicked in that you had to 
appear in those courtrooms 20 , in one of those houses be imprisoned, in one 
of the plazas be tormented with five thousand stripes 21 . In this consideration 
your eyes became well-springs of blessed tears as you passed Mount 
Calvary, where weeping increased copiously, for you knew that it was at 
that place where you must expiate on the scaffold of the Cross. For all those 
emotions that consume your heart of that moment, 1 beg you, most loveable 
Child of Atocha, that you hear my requests and remedy my needs so that I 
gather together the merits of which I now interject, the merits of which I 
remind you, and I join them to your innate merits so as to comply with you 
in the will of your heavenly Father. I humbly pray to you and hope that you 
will allow me the happy consolation concerning what I request, granting 
me a good outcome. I once again introduce the intercession of the angels, 
the Thrones on which you sit as on a throne of your glory and seated in 
your majesty. With all these merits 1 hope not to take leave of you empty- 
handed, and instead enjoy a happy death so as to go with you in company 
to the heavenly Jerusalem of glory. Amen. 

The petition is requested here. 

Go to Proposal of the Request Prayer at the end of the novena. 


Eight Appeal 

Diverse miracles, 
beloved little Child, 
you make daily, 
for anyone afflicted. 

1 beg you to grant me what 1 request 

with mounting desire, 

to obtain said miracle 

that I kneel and beg of you today. 

Eighth Miracle 

In the year 1840, in the month of May, Dona Juliana Codina, a resident of 
Jerez 22 , found herself gravely ill with a pain in her ribs. As she could not 
find any cure for this grave illness, she prayed to the Holy Child of 
Atocha, who immediately sent her necessary relief and within a few days 
she was in good health again, saving her from a sure death, and in reward 
for this miracle, she went to the Holy Shrine of Plateros, stating what had 
occurred. She and her husband, Don Francisco Orozco, are giving daily 
thanks to the Holly Child of Atocha and also to his Mother. Anyone who 
has a problem or a sadness can pray to the Holy Child of Atocha, and all 
the problems shall be solved so that the person can lead a new and happy 
life in the company of the Holy Child. He is our celestial doctor who 
always watches over us to protect us and to help us in our problems and 
despairs. He is blessing us every minute, and every time we shall ask for 
his help he will indeed help us, as can be testified to from all the examples 
people have seen and heard. 

Eighth, Day Prayer 

Child of Atocha full of wisdom, universal Protector of all human beings, 
universal aid of the destitute. Divine Doctor of whatever illness, most 
powerful Child, I greet you. 1 praise you on this eighth day and offer you 
these three Our Fathers and three Hail Marys with a Glory Be, and I 
conjoin them with this eighth appeal for your eighth journey, made flesh in 
the most pure womb of your most amiable Mother, from that holy city of 
Jerusalem to arrive in Bethlehem 23 . There, your most loving father Senor 
Saint Joseph, having arrived seeking lodging among his neighbors, relatives, 
and acquaintances, and believing that difficulties were now over, found 

new hardships multiplied by being insulted at the doors of his kinsmen while 
seeking patronage for his most chaste spouse. They all reproached him to 
his face. O what powerful emotions he had in his heart, that just and chaste 
man, spouse of Mary, seeking along the streets for an inn in which to lodge 
the Empress of the Heavens, and they turn him away with harsh and 
insulting words, treating him like a lazy man and a vagabond, in humiliation 
and poverty! 24 What tears his eyes shed, especially when he saw the night 
fall, the snow coming soon, and the cold winds blowing. And not having 
found any lodging since it was four in the afternoon when he began to seek 
for it, he feared that the childbirth would come upon her in the plaza. 
Because of the memories of that day, 1 beg you to grant me what I request 
on account of those merits, and I accompany them with the choir of the 
Cherubim and the Seraphim, adorned by their perfect wisdom, and for 
whatever 1 hope for, most precious Child of Atocha, 1 pray for and expect 
a happy result. I am certain that I will not depart disconsolate. And 1 shall 
receive from you a happy death so as to continue to go with you to the 
Bethlehem of Glory. Amen. 

The petition is requested here. 

Go to Proposal of the Request Prayer at the end of the novena. 


Ninth and Final Appeal 

O Child of Atocha 
supreme Majesty 
what a miracle you performed 
from your great goodness 
for Calixto Aguirre 

in his illness! 

Have the same for me, 
immense Beauty. 
Remedy, little Child, 
my need! 

Ninth Miracle 

In the month of March 1841, Calixto Aguirre found himself with a grave 
illness, in the city of Guanajuato 25 . It was such an incurable disease that the 
pains and sufferings were incomparable. He went to see Dr. Vicente 
Lopez, who after seeing such a rare disease, told him to take some 

prescribed medicines which they applied at that moment. Since his pain was 
growing worse, Calixto Aguirre decided to call upon the Holy Child of 
Atocha, promising him that if he were to cure him of his illness, he would 
say a nine day prayer in the honor of the Holy Child of Atocha, and he 
would also visit his sanctuary to show all the people of his mercy in granting 
petitions. After the doctor had applied the medicine, his condition grew 
worse, up to the time when he thought that he was going to die for sure as 
he started bleeding profusely. When he found himself in this predicament, 
he again prayed to the Holy Child of Atocha who in the next hours 
completely healed him. To make good his promise, he prayed to the Holy 
Child the nine day prayer and also visited the Child's shrine to thank him as 
he has cured and helped not only him but many other faithful persons who 
have come to him for help. 

Ninth, Day Prayer 

Supreme Child of Atocha, in you I place my entire trust. Most benign Child, 
I greet you and praise you in this final day of your novena, and I offer you 
these three Our Fathers and three Hail Marys with a Glory Be. I present 
them with this final appeal, giving them to you in memory of the final 
journey you made hidden in the virginal womb of your beloved Mother 
from Bethlehem to that prepared and blest doorway to which you arrived 
at nine in the evening. And when the hour of this, your desired birth arrived, 
your Mother, Holy Mary, knelt down, hands folded upon her breast. And 
raising her eyes to heaven, raising her powers and her feelings, and all of 
them made divine, she gave you to the world as the divine Messiah of all 
generations. She adored you in the arms of Saint Michael the Archangel, 
and afterwards she received you unto herself so that the holy angels might 
adore you and assist you as guards at the sacred altar. Then seeing you 
shivering from the cold and pouting, she wrapped you in straw and clothing, 
she warmed you, gathering you to herself, gladdening you by nourishing 
you with the sweet milk from her virginal breasts. She placed you in the 
straw of the manger of animals, where you received the adoration of the 
brute beasts and the humble shepherds, giving to them the plentiful Sun of 
Justice, recognizing you as the true God. By the joy that your beautiful 
Mother Holy Mary of Atocha experienced by having given you birth 
without pain and remaining intact in her virginity, 1 ask you to grant me what 
I beg you in my petition. I hope not to depart disappointed, lacking the joy 
that your beloved father Senor Saint Joseph experienced when, after 

awakening from that sweet dream in which he saw you in the arms of the 
dawn gladdening the world, and by your beauty and splendor making that 
humble stable a miniature heaven. For this 1 remind you, I fervently pray to 
you and petition you to grant me a happy conclusion. And I add the 
intercession of the choir of Seraphim, who love you with burning love. For 
this I hope to attain a good result for my care, and to attain a happy death, 
so as to give you unending praise in the sheepfolds of the eternal dwelling, 
where I may sing your glory with the holy angels forever. Amen. 

The petition is requested here. 

Go to Proposal of the Request Prayer at the end of the novena. 


Proposal of the Request Prayer 

Most marvelous Child of Atocha my Good, Loveliness unequaled in 
heaven. Enchantment of hearts, my sweet Creator, single Master of my 
soul, most merciful Jesus of my life, incomparable happiness of every 
creature, O most generous Child, who except you, divine Emmanuel? Who 
except you, most loving Child? You who are the stream of blessings, you 
who are the Father of mercy and our entire life in this life, to whom except 
you, who are the endless, the infinite, the only True God? You are our 
Father, our Redeemer, our Preserver, and all that we are. The angels adore 
you, all creatures on earth praise you; the plants, the flowers, and 
everything that exists magnifies you, all the birds are happy to hear your 
sweet Name. Most patient Child, you know the needs I have and the 
afflictions that encompass me, since nothing is hidden from your divine 
sight. To you, most powerful Child, 1 present my woes, my painful labors, 
trusting that you will receive them benignly, granting me what I request in 
this petition, since you are the luxuriant tree, for whoever dwells in your 
shade will live with you in happiness. You are the One who converts the 
wrath of your Father into sweet mercies. You are the Mediator between 
your Father and all humans. You lavish each day, each hour, each instant 
with so many blessings, so many benefits, that we are unable to cooperate 
with them as we ought. But now, prostrate before you, I implore and hope 
in your clemency, for you are the Author of our life to whom we owe our 

entire existence, you are omnipotent and are seated on the throne of 
wisdom, from which throne of power you deigned to create the Sacrament 
of Penance so that with it we will purify our souls and turn to your infinite 
friendship and grace. I offer you these prayers so that you might present 
them to your Eternal Father, and through them the holy souls in Purgatory 
might obtain rest and we - all of us in need - might gain counsel and become 
worthy to obtain through you. Child of Atocha, the things we desire, 
granting us at the same time a true contrition and repentance from our faults 
so as to come to see you in heaven. We hope this from your mercy, being 
always in your presence until the end of all the ages, and in the day of 
judgment we hope to see you so that we may go to you and enjoy you in the 
eternal happiness of heaven. Amen. 

Nine Hail Marys. 

Prayer in Honor of Sacred Mary of Atocha 

Most pure Mother of the Holy Child of Atocha, most exquisite throne of 
the uncreated Majesty, fruitful Lily of the valleys, heavenly Rose of Jericho, 
most pure reliquary of the Most Holy Trinity, Fountain most clear where 
the crystalline waters always resemble divine grace, most delightful 
Paradise, supreme Garden of glory, fruitful Honeycomb of the most sweet 
and mellow honey 26 , supreme Physician for whoever lives in God on the 
entire globe of the earth, beloved Daughter of the Eternal Father in whom 
he rejoices and is full of delight, most loveable Spouse of the Holy Spirit, 
Dawn that delights the whole world, universal Advocate, and most 
trustworthy Hope of sinners! My Mother. I offer you these nine Hail 
Marys in remembrance of those nine journeys you made from Nazareth to 
Bethlehem where you gave birth to the true God, who is my hope, and I 
remind you of them that you might intercede with your Son the Holy Child 
of Atocha. May he give me what 1 ask in this devotion, and I hope that he 
will grant it, my most merciful Mother, favoring me who is joined by your 
intercession. You know well the need with which I ask you, and I believe 
with certitude that 1 will attain what 1 wish and request, granting me 
beforehand or at the conclusion of this novena that I dedicate to your name, 
the desire and the happy counsel for my travails and anxieties. Thus 1 hope 
and have confidence that, through those three necessities you had 11 , seeing 
him nailed to the cross as you stood vigil, and more so for those sentiments 
and sweet expressions by which you spoke to him in his heart when you 
took him in your arms after his deposition. Ask my grace from your beloved 

Son, the Holy Child of Atocha, who comes to my help each day with all 
the merits 1 have and helps me with his holy power, for he can do all things. 
On him depends my request, so that after granting me what 1 now wish, 
may he grant me a happy death so that I can pass into blessedness in 
company with you, and sing unceasingly the hymns of praise with the 
angelic choirs who, at his happy birth, sang to him, “Glory to God in the 
highest, and peace to men of good will,” forever and ever. Amen. 


1 “Dismas” was used to identify the good thief on Calvary. 

2 Simon Peter wept for having denied knowing Jesus. 

3 The theologian Augustine lived in North Africa (d.430). 

4 Mary Magdalen discovered the empty tomb of Easter. 

5 Peter of Alcantara made Franciscans more strict (d.1562). 

6 Candlemas marks Mary’s ritual purification on 2 February. 

7 Saltillo is 250 miles northeast of the city of Durango. 

8 Fresnillo is 125 miles southeast from the city of Durango. 

9 Manuel and Emmanuel are versions of the name of Jesus. 

10 Maximina saw the original Nino in the Fresnillo chapel. 

11 An ex-voto on wood or tin depicts the devotee’s miracle. 

12 The Ark in Moses’Tabernacle “holds” the Nino de Atocha. 

18 Tabor was the mountain of the Transfiguration. 

u Nain or Naim was a village in southern Galilee. 

'5 Jesus revived a widow’s son at Nain or Naim near Samaria. 

16 For the angels’ song at Jesus’ birth, see Luke 2:13-15. 

>7 In John 4:4-42, Jesus met a Samaritan woman at the well. 

18 Necmas was near Sichem, Mt. Gerizim, and Jacob’s Well, 
u See Luke 2:41-52 for Jesus being “lost” in the Temple. 

20 Pilate received Jesus into his pretorium and tried him. 

21 Many references in the novena are from the revelations of St. Bridget of Sweden. 

22 Jerez de Garcia Salinas is a town in central Zacatecas. 

2 3 Jesus was born in David’s city Bethlehem, near Jerusalem. 

2 i Revelation of St. Bridget. 

28 Guanajuato lies 170 miles northwest of Mexico City. 

26 From the Litany of Loretto. 

2 7 Mary needed to take down, clothe, and bury Jesus' body.